Hydraulic Cold Press

FAIRTECH INDUSTRIES presents a range of hydraulic cold press machines for wood industrial clients that comes packed with a number of treat, useful features.

The top and bottom plates of these machines are designed in a way so as to handle and generate uniform pressure all throughout the working sessions. The machines have been designed and developed for robust heavy duty performance that makes them perfect for advanced production requirements.

The Cold Press Machines for plywood that are crafted by Fairtech Industries can deliver robust and reliable performance for a wide range of wood working projects. The machines are user friendly and are designed to deliver heavy duty results.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity: 100 Ton
  • Platen size: 2500 X 1300 mm
  • Max opening: 1000mm
  • No of cylinders: 4 No.s
  • Ram stroke : 1000 mm
  • Automatic power pack panel: 5 HP

Applicable for:

  • Veneer doors
  • Laminate Doors
  • Laminate Pressing
  • Moulded Doors
  • Mica Doors
  • Veneer Pressing

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